How to wash a very dirty oven?

How to wash a very dirty oven

If, when using the oven, instead of the aroma of pies, you smell more like burnt bread, it’s time to put on gloves and take up cleaning! Cleaning an oven, especially a very dirty one, is not a pleasant experience. But if the traditional cleaning of the oven with your own efforts is carried out correctly, the result will please you. This does not mean that you have to spend the whole weekend cleaning to achieve cleanliness. We promise that there is an easier way to clean the oven of fat!

Here you can find answers to the most popular questions, starting with how to clean the oven, and ending with recommendations on how to wash the oven. All you need is team spirit and a little patience!

How to clean the oven?
First of all, collect the necessary materials:

Latex gloves
Dishwashing liquid
Kitchen brush or sponge
Oven Cleaner
Soda (optional)
Paper towels

  1. Cleaning the oven: preparation
    First, check if your oven has a self-cleaning program. If so, follow the instructions and skip step 4 of this article, describing the final cleaning. If your oven does not have such a program, cleaning the oven will not be much more difficult. Just prepare everything in advance, preferably from the previous evening or at least four hours before the start of cleaning.

Put the wire rack from the oven and baking sheet in a sink filled with hot water and dishwashing detergent, and leave them there for a while. Then apply detergent to the inside of the oven. Do not forget the back of the door! Carefully read the instructions for use if you are using a purchased product.

Our secret, how to clean the oven from fat the most simple, is to leave the oven cleaner for a while, so that it starts to work. If you try to wipe the walls of the oven before the detergent starts to work, you will only double your work.

  1. How to clean the oven: racks and trays
    After the dishwashing detergent worked, it remains only to wash off the dirt and wipe off the burnt food debris with a brush. Remember to wear rubber gloves!
  2. How to clean the oven: door and walls
    Now is the time to wipe the oven. If you have applied and left the oven cleaner for a sufficient time, then the dirt will be washed off very easily.

You are halfway to success! Use soaked in water to remove any remaining dirt and oven cleaner. If the dirt is difficult to remove, add more detergent and leave it for extra time. Repeat the process.

  1. Wipe the oven again
    Wipe and dry the oven using paper towels. Now the surfaces of the oven should be so clean that you can easily look inside the oven through a glass door. Hooray!
  2. Return clean racks to the oven
    Have the children wash the oven racks and teach them how to do it. By the time you finish washing the oven, the grills will be shiny! Wipe them again, dry with paper towels and return them to the oven.

That’s all! Now you know how to wash the oven. Traditional oven cleaning will be much easier if you leave the dishwashing detergent for a while to make it work. The main advantage of this method, how to clean the oven, is that the brilliant cleaning effect will delight you for at least a month.

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