How to professionally clean a stove?

How to professionally clean a stove

How to clean a glass ceramic stove
It is easy to clean glass-ceramic plates, as they have a smooth surface. Even if severe contamination is present, with the right approach you can get rid of them in a few minutes.

Make sure your stove is turned off and completely cool. Then use paper towels to remove any crumbs, excess fat and pieces of food.
Not sure how to wash the stove? Apply a gentle cleaning spray to the surface of the stove and leave it on for a few minutes. Always follow the instructions for use and test in an inconspicuous area when using a new product for the first time.
Take paper towels moistened with water and wipe the stovetop with them to remove the cleaning agent and food debris.
For heavy, burnt dirt, try using a plastic scraper. Your hob manufacturer may recommend another cleaning tool.
Dry the surface of the stove with paper towels.
How to clean the gas stove grill
Now let’s figure out how to clean the gas stove grill.

The best way to clean the stove with the grill is to carefully remove the grill and burners and put them in a sink soaking in hot soapy water.
Use absorbent paper towels and wipe away food and oil.
Apply a cleaning agent to the stove and let it work for several minutes in the same way as with the glass-ceramic stove.
Use paper towels to wipe away the cleaning agent and easily reach particularly hard-to-reach areas.
You can also arm yourself with a soft brush for extra heavy dirt.
Dry the gas stove parts with dry paper towels and set them back.

How to clean the electric stove
Cleaning an electric stove requires more effort than gas. Follow our tips on how to wash the stove, and you will succeed!

First, make sure that all the heating elements have cooled, and if possible, carefully remove them. Put them in a sink with soap and water and leave them for a while.
Use paper towels to wipe away crumbs, food debris and other dirt.
Apply a plate cleaner to the surface and let it sit for a few minutes to dissolve all dirt. Be sure to follow the instructions for using the tool.
You can wipe the stove with a plastic scraper to make it easier to clean burnt areas.
Use a suitable cleaning agent to clean non-removable heating elements and the rest of the stove.
Dry the stove with paper towels and replace the heating elements.

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