How to keep food in the fridge fresh.

How to keep food in the fridge fresh

Keeping food in the refrigerator is a great way to keep your food fresh for a long time. But did you know that different foods need different storage methods? You will be surprised, but some of the products do not require refrigeration at all! Our tips for storing food in the refrigerator will keep your food and make it tastier.

How to store food in the refrigerator
Each in the house there are many different foods that are stored in the neighborhood. But did you know that improper storage of food in the refrigerator can cause fast food spoilage or even poisoning?

For example, storing finished and raw meat in a refrigerator in one container can lead to infection of the finished meat dish and lead to very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, it is very important to separate raw foods from finished ones and store them separately.

Raw meat and fish should always be stored in lower drawers specially designed for storing products of animal origin, as well as keeping the temperature below zero.

If you cook food in advance, for example, sandwiches for children at school, you should first wrap them in paper towels before putting them in a plastic container. Paper towels are very durable and absorb moisture perfectly, thus allowing your products to stay fresh longer.

Storage of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator should also be well planned, because if you spoil regularly check for spoiled products in a vegetable container, one rotten cucumber or tomato can easily spoil all the vegetables in the neighborhood, especially if they are in the same plastic bag.

Refrigerated storage of fruits and vegetables
Many people often wonder how to properly store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator. I have my own special rules on how to store fruits and vegetables, which will help you keep your products better, longer, and also will not let them lose their true taste.

For example, you should never store bananas, pineapples or tomatoes in the refrigerator, since bananas and pineapples turn brown very quickly when stored in cold conditions, and tomatoes lose their taste.

How to keep vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator: tips
When buying vegetables and fruits, be sure to ensure that they are not damaged, insects or rotten places.
If you want fruits and vegetables to be stored in the refrigerator longer, then buy them less ripe and harder.
To absorb moisture released by vegetables and fruits, you can put on the bottom of the container for storing leaves of paper towels. These paper towels are very durable and perfectly absorb liquid.
It is better not to wash vegetables and fruits before storing them in the refrigerator to avoid quick rot. It is better to wash fruits and vegetables just before eating.
Clean your refrigerator regularly
In order to learn how to properly store vegetables, fruits and other food in the refrigerator, you need not only to know about the expiration dates of products and their freshness. It is very important to regularly clean the refrigerator and make sure that the shelves for storing food are not contaminated with bacteria and germs.

It is advisable to wipe the shelves and wash the drawers in warm soapy water once a week to get rid of food debris and spilled liquids that can often be found on surfaces inside the refrigerator.

In addition, once a month it is recommended to completely unload the refrigerator and conduct a more thorough cleaning inside it to get rid of unpleasant odors, bacteria and contaminants.

We hope that with the help of our tips for storing food in the refrigerator, your food will become tastier. Enjoy your meal!

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